Canon Puncture is one of my favorite gaming podcasts, both because Rich Rogers is a good friend and because he covers topics that align very well with my own gaming interests. Rich is an excellent interviewer and knows how to tease out a topic enough to look at it from various angles while keeping it interesting. Mixed in with the regular conversational episodes is a series called Game Advocates, where fans of a particular game (never the designer or an employee of the publishing company) go on the show to tell the audience why a particular game is awesome and everyone should try it.

In Episode 112, I went on the show to advocate for the Dragon Age RPG. Rich and I recorded that episode back in March, so the information about Set 2 not being available is obviously outdated. Rich did a good job of asking important questions about the game, why is it cool in its own right and how does it compare to other fantasy games, and I hope that it will get other gamers to give Dragon Age a try in the near future.

You can listen to Canon Puncture 112: Game Advocates – Dragon Age RPG at the website or download as an mp3 or via iTunes.