The wait is over! Green Ronin Publishing has put up the Dragon Age Dark Fantasy Roleplaying Set 2: Levels 6 to 10 boxed set for pre-order.

The $40 boxed set comes with two 80-page books (Player’s Guide and Game Master’s Guide), a poster-sized map of Thedas and seven cardboard reference sheets, and it includes rules for character levels 6th through 10th, plus more information on Thedas as well as on playing and running the game.

When you pre-order your boxed set from Green Ronin, you can get the PDF for an extra $5.00 at check-out, which means you can start digging into the new material right away! They are also selling the Dragon Age RPG Set 2 PDF on its own for $20.

I already pre-ordered mine and got the PDF as well. After quickly going over the PDFs I can tell you this set delivers on all its promises and I cannot wait to dig in and start using all this great material in play.

And before I’m asked: I have yet to compare it to the Set 2 playtest document, but on first glance I did not notice any major discrepancies. If you notice anything, let us know in the comments.

What are you waiting for? Go get your copy of Dragon Age RPG Set 2 now!