When the patrons of the ongoing Midgard Campaign Setting project from Open Design were asked to pick what game systems they wanted to see supported, many of us involved hoped but never really believed one of those systems would be the Dragon Age Role Playing Game. It was chosen, however, and since that happened project patrons who play the game have been working overtime to make the Midgard campaign a welcome home for our DA games. New backgrounds have been drafted and new monsters have been brought into the AGE system. A lot of the buzz about the project has been about opening up a new world to AGE system gaming, which most of the visitors to this site probably agree is a fun, fast paced system that blends old school sensibilities with modern mechanics, but not everyone is as excited by the lack of options in game worlds.

The latest side project to have developed out of this quest to provide game masters and players everything they need to run AGE system games in Midgard is the development of a new book of monsters native to the setting. A playtest of 50 new AGE system monsters launched last week only for Midgard patrons. The book collects five years of Open Design creatures, drawn from both adventures and gazetteers. One of the winning monsters from last month’s March Monster Madness contest right here at the Dragon Age Oracle, the Young Cave Dragon, is a perfect example of a brute that had long lived within the Midgard world but only recently was made available to AGE players. Patrons are even now testing their mettle against foes such as the Eye Golem, Bonepowder Ghoul, Weaving Spider and Gypsosphinx. The playtest will only be open for a short time so that we can get the book into your hands as quickly as possible.

The fun doesn’t end with the completion of the playtest, however. Only one of seven regions has been drafted, and another on the way. Each is going to need new backgrounds and specializations to be created, new ways for your AGE system hero to make your mark on this world. In the process you’ll get to roll your sleeves up and pitch in on creating a living fantasy world perfect for your games for years to come. Check out the declaration of principles for the world, which should give a pretty good idea of what type of campaign setting this is going to be. For those of you who want to see the AGE system expand beyond its current setting, or just want to get their hands dirty making something wholly new, there’s never been a better time to get involved with Midgard.