As promised, here are the entries for the winners of the March Monster Madness AGE Monster Design Challenge.


Dragon’s are huge, powerful and intelligent creatures whose territory spans about the same area powerful human lord. Dragons prefer to dwell in the mountains, far away from large human cities. They have been known to demand tribute from any small human communities it considers within its domain.

It combat the dragon has the fighting strength of a small army. With its terrible swiftness and superior size and strength, the dragon dominates the battlefield. With its armor impregnable to nearly all forms of archery, it can fly across the battlefield searching for the leaders of the opposing army. The dragon snatches the leaders, flies high and drops the lifeless burnt bodies back onto the troops. Soon even the most fervent army’s moral breaks and they rout.

Adult mature Dragons are about 30 feet long from head to tail with a wingspan of nearly 45 feet.


Abilities (Focuses)

2 Communication (Bargaining, Deception, Persuasion)
6 Constitution
4 Cunning
8 Dexterity (Bite, Flame Breath, Initiative, Tail)
1 Magic
6 Perception (Seeing, Smelling, Tracking)
10 Strength (Claws, Might, Intimidation)
6 Willpower (Courage)


Combat Ratings


Health Defense

Armor Rating

12 (Flying 20)

75 15





Attack Roll Damage







Flame Breath +10

2d6+3 Penetrating

Tail +10




Favored Stunts: Pierce Armor, Reassert Dominance

Intimidating Presence: Upon first encountering a dragon, all creatures must roll Willpower (Courage) against the dragon’s Strength (Intimidation). All who fail receive a -2 on all checks against the dragon for the rest of the encounter. A creature may use a minor action to attempt to snap out of this effect by making a Willpower (Courage) vs Strength (Intimidation) test.

Flame Breath: A dragon’s flame breath is so hot, armor provides no protection. It can spit a gout of flame as a ranged attack with a short range of 8 yards and a long range of 16 yards. For 2 SP, a dragon can spread its flames to cover an area 10 yards across. Targets other than the primary target can make a Dexterity (Acrobatics) test against the dragon’s Dexterity (Flame Breath) to take only half damage.

Grasp: This stunt can only be used against creatures that the dragon attacked with its claws or bite. For 2 SPs a dragon can choose to grasp a human sized or smaller target hit by its bite or claw attack to keep it held. The dragon can only grasp one creature at a time. A grasped creature can only take a major action to try to escape the dragon’s hold by making an opposed Dexterity (Acrobatics) or Strength (Might) against the dragon’s Strength (Might). A dragon gain a +5 bonus to hit a grasped creature and it generates 1 extra Stunt Point on any roll of doubles.

Impregnable Hide: The toughness of the dragon’s scales gives it AR 9.

Reassert Dominance: For 1 SP the dragon can roar to reassert its dominance in the battlefield. All within hearing distance are subject to the effects of Intimidating Presence again.

Uncanny Retribution: When it is not the dragon’s turn, it can perform a tail slash against any enemy that successfully hits it with a melee attack. Rolling doubles on this attack does not generate stunt points. Grasped creatures are not affected by this power.


Young Cave Dragon (From the Midgard Campaign Setting by Open Design)

Its eyeless head swung from side to side in the narrow corridor, apparently unable to sense our magical light. With a quick whuffle of breath, darkness crept from its strange eel-like hide, spreading like ink in water and snuffing out even our strongest magical lights. Then we heard its motion, quiet for so large as creature, as it charged down the tunnel. There was nowhere to hide.

Cave dragons are eyeless creatures with long feeler-like spikes that help them navigate through tunnels. Their vestigial wings serve as an additional set of legs, and their narrow snout can poke into narrow passages that their tongue scours free of bats and edible vermin. They are entirely creatures of hunger, though they are nonetheless quite intelligent. A cave dragon can be bribed with food as easily as with gold. They claim entire cavern systems as their own. Cave dragons are especially fond of bones and items with strong taste or smell. They devour undead, plant creatures, or anything organic. When feeding, they treat all nearby creatures as a threat.

A cave dragon is always hungry and ready to eat absolutely anything. While they do speak Deep Speech and a debased form of Draconic, they do so rarely, generally when bargaining for food. They occasionally act as mercenaries in the eternal warfare between the races of the deep earth.


Abilities (Focuses)




Constitution (Burrowing, Running)




Dexterity (Bite, Initiative, Stealth)




Perception (Smelling, Hearing, Tracking)


Strength (Claws, Tail)


Willpower (Courage)

Combat Ratings

Speed Health Defense

Armor Rating

20 (Burrow 10)

65 17



Weapon Attack Roll



+9 2d6+7




Tail Lash +10



Favored Stunts: Cacophonous Roar, Lethal Blow, Skirmish, Swift Strike and Tail Lash.

Cacophonous Roar: For 4 SP, the cave dragon can perform a special Cacophonous Roar attack that strikes all creatures within 8 yards doing 2d6+3 penetrating damage. Creatures struck must pass a TN 13 Constitution (Stamina) test or they can only take a minor action on their next turn.

Inky Darkness: As a major action, the cave dragon can emit a zone of darkness that extends for 2 yards in every direction, enveloping the dragon until the end of its next turn. The zone blocks line of sight and any creature within the darkness is blinded. If the dragon moves more than 4 yards in a round or leaves the zone it disbands. The dragon can sustain the zone as a minor action; the zone grows by 2 yards every round it is sustained.

Poisonous Bite: Creatures bitten by a cave dragon must pass a TN 13 Constitution (Stamina) test or take an additional 1d6 penetrating poison damage.

Swift Strike: A cave dragon can follow up a successful claw attack with a second one as special stunt costing 2 SP. This second claw attack must be against the same target as the original attack. Rolling doubles on the second attack does not generate additional stunt points.

Scaly Hide: The iron-hard scales of a cave dragon give it AR 8.

Tail Lash: A cave dragon can perform the Knock Prone and Mighty Blow stunts simultaneously for 3 SP by striking a lashing blow with its tail.

Note: The entire Young Cave Dragon entry is copyrighted material owned by Open Design and is used here by permission.