Mike Evans (aka WrathOfZombie) sent me a link to this page via email and I was floored, both due to the quality of the work and to the simple fact that this awesome document was out there online and I didn’t know about it!

Behold the Esoterica of Thedas, Volume 2: Bestiary, a 76-page tome of Dragon Age monster goodness. The Esoterica covers all manner of creatures based on Dragon Age: Origins, presented for use in the tabletop roleplaying game. It also includes an 8-page Creature Creation section with tips and charts (including Size rules!), as well as nine new spells based on the videogame.

If that wasn’t enough, it then goes into a comprehensive bestiary ranging from domesticated animals to wild creatures, darkspawn to demons, constructs to dragons. Basically, if you saw it in Dragon Age: Origins, it’s probably in here.

The Esoterica is beautifully laid out following the format of the Dragon Age RPG books, with a gorgeous faux book cover, and interior illustrations taken from the game.

This is the kind of book that is sure to see much use at any Dragon Age RPG table, and certainly takes care of the oft-heard/read complain of there being not enough monsters for the game. Yeah, so not the case anymore.

The credits list the writers as Jenni Creagh and Doug Newton-Walters, with Anthony Jurd, Eric Oliver and Alex Rogers. To all of them, our greatest thanks for a fantastic addition to the Dragon Age RPG arsenal.


Esoterica of Thedas, Volume 2: Bestiary (External Link)