I heard the growl echo all around me, every hair in my body standing on end. I turned around, intent on facing my enemy and instead I faced my nightmares. There stood a creature fully a head taller than I, its single, bloodshot eye staring at me with all the hatred in the world. It had a broad and muscled body with a single arm jutting from the center of its chest, and a single, powerful leg that propelled it closer toward me. I tried to raise my blade, to defend myself, but I was terrorized; I stumbled backwards, tripped over my feet, dropped my sword, and ran for my life. I could hear the creature pursuing me, tearing through the darkening thicket, taking powerful jumps that drew it closer and closer. I howled a scream of agony as I felt the monster’s claw tear through my jerkin and my skin. I thought I was done for. The ground opened up below me and I tumbled down a small ravine, away from the creature. It was days later I learned what kind of creature I’d faced, and I can honestly say I hope to never run into a fachan ever again.

– From the journal of Amergin Ó Míl

Fachans are grossly misshapen humanoids with a single eye, a single ear, and a tuft of tough, wiry hair on their head. They have a broad, slightly hunchbacked torso, one arm protruding from the middle of their chest, and one leg which they use to move surprisingly quickly. Their horrid appearance sows terror in their enemies, and the wicked maces they wield pound opponents into pulp. Nasty creatures bent only on causing pain, they use their keen hearing to seek out their prey.


Abilities (Focuses)
-1 Communication
3 Constitution (Running)
-1 Cunning
3 Dexterity (Brawling)
-2 Magic
2 Perception (Hearing)
4 Strength (Bludgeons, Intimidation, Jumping)
0 Willpower
Combat Ratings
Speed Health Defense Armor Rating
15 30 13 4
Weapon Attack Roll Damage
Mace +6 2d6+4
Fist +5 1d6+4
Favored Stunts: Mighty Blow, Terrorize and Skirmish. 

Terrorize: A fachan may terrorize an opponent as a special stunt for 2 SP by making a Strength (Intimidation) test opposed by the opponent’s Willpower (Courage). If the fachan wins, the opponent may only take a Move or Run action away from the fachan until it succeeds at a Willpower (Courage or Self-Discipline) test.

Uncanny Agility: When a fachan uses the Skirmish stunt to move itself, it may move an extra 2 yards for free.

Wicked mace.