Get ready to channel your inner Dr. Frankenstein as we launch March Monster Madness: the AGE System Monster Design Challenge!

During the month of March we are running an AGE System Monster Design Challenge in partnership with Open Design/Kobold Quarterly. There are two categories for you to submit your monstrous creations to:

  • Best Classic Fantasy Monster: Any creature from classic fantasy, whether literary or adventure gaming, converted to AGE System. [KQ Forum Thread]
  • Best Midgard Monster: Any creature originally published by Open Design in one of the Midgard canon products (see below) for another system converted to AGE System. [KQ Forum Thread]
The winner of the Classic Fantasy category will win a $10 gift certificate to RPGnow/DriveThruRPG.
The winner of of the Midgard category will win a 1-year PDF Subscription to Kobold Quarterly courtesy of Open Design.

Contest runs from March 1-31. Voting on the best monster runs from April 3-10. Winners to be announced on April 11.

Start practicing your “It’s Alive!” cry of victory and may the best demiurge win.


  1. All monster conversions must be posted to the dedicated threads on the Kobold Quarterly forums (Classic Fantasy Monster Thread; Midgard Monster Thread).
  2. Include the link to the specific post with the final version of your monster in the comments below. Specify to which category you are submitting to. Only monsters linked to in the comments below will be entered into the challenge and become eligible to win.
  3. Classic Fantasy Monster entries may be drawn from classical literature, myth, legends, or from the System Reference Document. The idea is that these are drawn from public domain, non-copyrighted or IP-free sources. No monsters based on a copyrighted IP will be eligible to win. Also, note that entries drawn from the SRD do not in turn become open via the Open Game License as the AGE System is not an open system. The SRD is to serve as inspiration only for classic monsters from fantasy adventure gaming.
  4. Midgard Monster entries may be drawn from any of the following canonical Midgard sources published by Open Design: Zobeck Gazetteer (Print, PDF), Imperial Gazetteer (PrintPDF), Sunken Empires (Print, PDF), Dwarves of the Ironcrags (Print, PDF), Courts of the Shadow Fey (Print, PDF), Tales of Zobeck (PDF), Soldiers of Fortune (Print, PDF), KQ #1 to 16: Free City of Zobeck column (Print and PDF). You must have the original source material for the monster(s) you are converting as this will not be provided. All entries for the Midgard Monster category become the property of Open Design and may be used by Open Design in any of its projects.
  5. You may submit as many monsters as you want in either category.
  6. Got any further questions? Just ask!