While whiling away near Redcliffe, the adventurers meet a city elf who calls on their help to solve a mystery. His master, the Mayor of the small town of Terin, has disappeared and a strange and dark presence now hangs over his town. With a prominent wedding soon to happen, can the adventurers figure out the mystery of Terin and of the small, wooden box adorned with carved oleanders?

The Oleander Maw is a Dragon Age RPG introductory adventure for four to five characters of levels 1-2. It features a mix of exploration, roleplaying and combat encounters including fights against bandits, a ghostly farmhouse, a crafty escape from jail and a confrontation against a supernatural entity that preys on deep mortal desires.

Written by: John M. Shade
Additional Material by: Daniel M. Perez


Editor’s Note: I had come across The Oleander Maw based on a couple of recommendations on the Dragon Age forums as I was looking for a short adventure suitable for a 4-hour one-shot. Shortly after the launch of this website, John contacted me with a submission, a short adventure that turned out to be the sequel to The Oleander Maw. Based on my own reading of his first adventure, and the good words I had read about it from other players, I asked John if we could run both parts, to which he graciously agreed.

This version of The Oleander Maw is a bit different from any other version you may encounter online. In cleaning up the layout for ease of use, I both edited the adventure and ended up, with John’s blessings, tightening a few scenes as well as expanding others to feature more of the unique elements of the Dragon Age RPG. We both feel this new version of The Oleander Maw presents a more complete introduction to the roleplaying game and sets the characters up for either a fun one-off adventure or the start of a new campaign. The length of the adventure also makes it ideal to run in a standard 4-hour convention slot, which should be a boon to Game Masters seeking to show the Dragon Age RPG to new players.

We both hope you enjoy The Oleander Maw. If you run it for your home or convention group, please let us know how it goes (NO SPOILERS!) in the comments below.