With January gone that means the Dragon Age Oracle has been live for a month, and what an interesting month it has been! This website was born from a quick exchange on Twitter and little over 24 hours of “sleeping on it.” Looking back, I’m extremely glad I took the chance and that I roped in a good friend to help out. You, the readers, have certainly responded.

While I don’t intend to report these kinds of stats every month, I thought it would be nice to share how good a first month the blog has had.

Though I put up an initial post in December announcing that the blog was coming, I count January 3rd as the launch of the website. During January, the Dragon Age Oracle had 4171 views, averaging 135 views per day. The day with the highest views was January 17, the day we published our post about the Mystara conversion for AGE, with 483 views. The Mystara post is also by far the most popular one so far, with 347 views on its first day and a total of 676 views for all of January. In second place was Newbie DM’s contrast between D&D 4e and Dragon Age with 314 views and in third place the interview with Wolfgang Baur 270 views (though those have been all in one week, which is very nice). On the Twitter front, @DragonAgeOracle has now 156 followers and I’m always finding new fans of the RPG via the #dragonage hashtag.

Enough of numbers. Thank you so much for your support this first month. Frankly, I was afraid of not having enough material to publish posts on a regular basis but that has not been the case. In fact, we may be close to a time when we can increase from 2 posts a week to 3, which would be fantastic. For now, I rather keep a slow and constant flow of content, but trust me that I am looking forward to a time when there’s so much to talk about that the problem is not publishing too many posts in a week!

There’s great stuff coming in February, including more posts about the Tower of Druaga campaign I’m putting together, two Dragon Age RPG adventures, and an interview with Dragon Age RPG Line Developer Jeff Tidball.

Thank you for your support!