Green Ronin President, Chris Pramas, has written a message to the fans talking about the year ahead for the company. In it we get a few juicy tidbits about Dragon Age that we simply have to share.

After talking briefly about the current releases for Dragon Age Dark Fantasy Roleplaying (Set 1, Game Master’s Kit and Blood in Ferelden) and the open playtest they held for material to be included in Set 2 (covering levels 6-10), he gets to the great news:

We know people are hungry for Set 2 and it is indeed on the way. We are trying to release it shortly after the debut of the Dragon Age 2 computer game, so we can take advantage of the new wave of DA enthusiasm.

Though BioWare has not mentioned an official release date for Dragon Age 2, it all seems to indicate a Spring 2011 release, so let’s hope that in a few months we’ll finally have the Dragon Age RPG Set 2!

Speaking of Boxed Sets, Chris has even more interesting news regarding the material for the upper levels of the game (emphasis mine):

The biggest news for Dragon Age is that we’ve decided to re-work our release schedule for the game somewhat. We had originally planned to make the game four boxed sets that each covered 5 levels of play. We are keenly aware, however, that the arrival of Set 2 has taken too long so we’ve decided to accelerate the pace. Set 3 will now provide the rules for levels 11-20, so all the core material can get out to you faster. Even better, we are trying to get Set 3 out this year.

I know people online have been wondering about the rate of release for the boxed sets given the lag time between Sets 1 and 2 (and in his message, Chris does a great job of addressing the realities of dealing with a licensed property and what that entails in terms of product scheduling), so this information should make all fans ecstatic. A complete rules set for Dragon Age will only serve to promote this fantastic game and help spur more design across the fan base. If I could get greedy, the only thing that I would want beyond this is a one-book compilation of the entire Dragon Age rules in the vein of the old D&D Rules Cyclopedia. Hey, I can dream!

Lest you think that is enough, Chris has one more bit of news regarding Dragon Age:

We’ll support [the release of Set 2] with another adventure collection called The Deep Roads. We’re also planning a Quick Start for Free RPG Day to give gamers an easy way to check out what Dragon Age has to offer.

With a name like The Deep Roads, I fully expect this adventure collection to focus entirely on the Darkspawn, which would make perfect sense, considering Grey Wardens are finally introduced in Set 2 and people will be itching to recreate the stories of the videogame on their tabletops. As for the free Quick Start, it is something I found myself wishing I had a couple of times over the past few weeks in order to hook more people into Dragon Age, so I am very happy to know I will have such a tool fairly soon.

There you have it! Looks like 2011 will be a great year for the Dragon Age RPG and I for one am looking forward to all the releases. Be sure to drop by and read the rest of Chris’ message for news about their other fantastic games, such as Mutants & Masterminds and Song of Ice & Fire Roleplaying.