Industry veteran, Open Design pioneer and Kobold Quarterly Kobold-In-Chief Wolfgang Baur has announced the newest, most ambitious Open Design project to date, the launch of their very own campaign setting, Midgard.

Anyone familiar with Open Design or Kobold Quarterly has already seen glimpses of this world in the form of Zobeck, the city in which a lot of the articles and adventures published by this group are set. With Midgard, we will get to see the rest of the world, and considering Wolfgang’s excellent track record, not to mention his fantastic imagination for creating worlds just perfect for the needs of the fantasy roleplaying milieu,is one project that’s sure to garner a lot of attention. Did I mention he also brought in Brandon Hodge and Jeff Grubb as co-designers?

Of particular interest to this audience is this sentence under the heading of Project Launch (underlined emphasis mine):

The world will be shaped for the systems that patrons prefer: that means OGL and Pathfinder RPG and 4E Dungeons & Dragons, of course, but it might also mean using the AGE system from the Dragon Age RPG.

I was already intrigued by the idea; when I got to that sentence, I whipped out my wallet.

I would love to see a new campaign setting designed for the AGE System, if only to see how the system would work outside of Dragon Age. As someone who has already started tinkering with AGE to create things beyond Dragon Age, this would be not only an opportunity to see others designing in that space, but someone who is a master at the craft of game design no less. Yeah, I’m excited.

Fans of Dragon Age and the AGE System, we have a chance here to vote with our wallets to support the development and creation of new material for the game we like. I hope you will all join me in letting Wolfgang know what we’d like to see in Midgard.