Hello, and welcome to the Dragon Age Oracle, a blog dedicated to the Dragon Age RPG published by Green Ronin.

The idea for this blog was born out of a barrage of tweets following a Dragon Age game in which the entire group, players and GM, were all new it. We all loved the game, and proceeded to shout that love to the four winds (well, really, mostly Twitter). We suddenly found a bunch of people who were either glad to hear our feedback about the game because they had been wondering about it, or already fans who joined in our vociferous gushing of affection for the roleplaying game. One thing led to another, and soon three people who are already bloggers concocted a harebrained idea to launch a new dedicated Dragon Age RPG site to collect in one place (at least in the RPG blogosphere) all matters pertaining to the game.

So here we are; thus was the Dragon Age Oracle born.

We hope to bring you original content relating to Dragon Age, be it play reports, commentaries, review or new game material, as well as collect material that’s already out there in order to share it with a wider audience and provide a one-stop resource to the roleplaying game.

The fun begins January 3rd, 2011.